Pet grooming

Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy With Our Grooming Services

When you bring your dog or cat to Animal Ark Pet Resort, your pet will receive typical grooming services including bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. We can also express anal glands if necessary.

Long Hair Treatment

If you have a pet that has long hair or a thick undercoat, Animal Ark Pet Resort can take extra steps to ensure that its coat remains healthy. Our experts groom many pets every day.

Nail Trimming

If nail trimming is your pet's least favorite thing, you can find comfort in knowing that our employees really care about your pet and will do their best to make it quick and easy. Contact us for more information.
Nail trimming

Thorough Brushing

Some pets may need a short cut, while others just require a thorough brushing. Your pets will be groomed depending on their breed and coat type.
Dog brushing

Cat Grooming

You can find comfort in knowing that your cat is in the hands of animal lovers. If your cat doesn't enjoy being groomed, we will be gentle throughout the process to ensure minimal stress.
Cat grooming

Grooming Rates

You will see that we offer competitive prices for all of your dog or cat grooming needs. Take a look at our grooming rates or contact us to schedule an appointment.
Call us to schedule
an appointment.
Your pet's comfort is our priority!
When your pets are groomed at our large facility, we ensure that they have a stress-free experience.
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